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Pink Diamond Guide

How to Maintain a Pink Diamond

Like other colored diamonds, pink diamonds are not only beautiful but are also treasured since they are rare in nature. Pink diamonds are in fact the most expensive diamonds that are available in the market at present. Since these diamonds can only be found in a few places around the world, it is rare to come across them in most jewelry stores. The high price and rarity of this stone means that you need to take good care of it.


Taking good care of a pink diamond doesn't mean that you should never clean it. Good care spans across cleaning, storage, and proper usage. Proper care is the only wat to get a good price off the diamond. When a diamond gets scratches, you will need to have its surfaces smoothed again for you to expect a good price. Besides, a diamond with scratches loses some of its luster.


The first thing to do when you get a pink diamond is to find it a nice storage space. Since most of the time you will only be using it for special events, find a way to keep it safely. For the most part, you have to keep it safe. Don't leave it on hard surfaces of places where kids might find and play with it. Keep the ring in a cotton pouch or a box and store it where there isn't a lot of humidity.


Don't use just any other soap to clean your pink diamond. Don't go for sprays and solutions that aren't meant for use on diamonds since you might end up destroying it. While some of the chemicals used will create sediments on the diamond, others will cause it to lose its luster. Other chemicals will end up corroding the diamond and leave marks and scratches all over it. Although diamonds are strong and capable of withstanding most chemicals, you should avoid anything that is capable of destroying your diamonds. Know more about wholesale pink diamond.


When shopping for a pink diamond, ask your jeweler of the best way to store it and maintain its luster. You should also ask about recommended chemicals that can be used in cleaning the diamond. A pink diamond is valuable but it can only maintain its value when you take good care of it. However, if you don't store it or clean it properly, it will end up losing a huge chunk of its value. This isn't something you would like to happen hence consider the tips mentioned here to keep your diamond in good shape. Visit website if you have questions.